No Grudges 

Grudges are dangerous. Grudges are harmful. Grudges can rob you of your happiness and it can even kill you. I was reading an article regarding grudges and I was shocked at the estimated number of people who hold grudges. I am talking about millions and millions of people.  How sad. Nobody likes to be wronged or offended, but hey, it happens. We ourselves have wronged others and at times, we ourselves have even been the offender. Raise your hand if you have never wronged or offended someone. I see no hands. Ah, that is  because nobody is perfect.

We are all imperfect so that means we are bound to make mistakes. If someone wrongs you, the best thing you can do is to forgive that person and move on. You do not have to be “friends” with that individual or individuals, but to put your mind and heart at peace, forgive them. When you do, you are enamoring yourself with so much of positivity and glorious amounts of great energy! Besides, wouldn’t you want the person(s) you offended to forgive you too?

I have so many wonderful things happening for me right now that I will share over the next couple of weeks and the last thing I need is a grudge holding me back. My life is of importance to me as well as my name and reputation as a writer. I am a firm believer that grudges can cut short your blessings and I do not want to get in my own way of stopping or hindering the good things I have coming to me. It takes a strong person to uplift other people whereas it takes a weak person to tear someone down.

Be the change you want to see. Love others, forgive others and uplift others. You will be glad you did.

Until next time… 

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