Book Title Reveal 

Greetings and Hello to you on this Tuesday night. I hope that all of you are doing well. I have a bit of good news for you this evening. Are you ready? Let’s do this! 👊

I have decided to go ahead and reveal the title of my upcoming novel because in about two weeks, I plan on sharing the different versions of my book cover. I love involving readers in my writing process and since this is something I just agreed to do, I do not mind going ahead and revealing my book title.

So without further ado, the title of my upcoming novel is The Chronicles of Neffie. The Chronicles of Neffie is the very first novel series centered around Neffie, a fifteen year old slave girl living in the South. It is loosely based on my Great Grandmother’s life as a slave and the literary reviews are off the charts! I am so grateful and thankful. Ask any writer, submitting a manuscript for a literary review can be nerve racking. The wait sometimes makes it even worse. I have five more pending so you know I am about to climb the walls!

The Chronicles of Neffie is the first of six novel series and I cannot wait for readers to tag along on her journey. What I have come to realize is that millions of people are amazed, intrigued and interested in the African American experience from slavery to freedom. No wonder there is close to a billion dollars made based on movies and novels detailing and sharing such experiences. If you are not African American, you will not be able to relate to this experience, but you can sympathize with the struggles made and overcame by millions slaves and their respective descendants.

Once I reveal the different versions of my book cover, I will give readers an opportunity to review an advanced hard copy of my upcoming novel in exchange for an honest review. The Chronicles of Neffie will be released in December. Stay tuned for further details and once again, thank you for your support. It is greatly appreciated. 🙏

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45 thoughts on “Book Title Reveal ”

  1. I am one of the millions you speak of who are very interested in this subject matter. I think all Americans need to educate themselves on what life was like for slaves. I can’t wait to read it!

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  2. Oh Anita! A series! You are right I cannot relate to the background of your ethnicity. But I am a very empathetic person. I cannot wait to start this journey with you. Thank you for including us in your family’s history. I love you so much and hope for your success in this endeavor!

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