Happy Friyay y’all! Whew! We made it through another week. Aren’t you proud of yourself for hanging in there? You should be.

I wanted to address a comment that was made on one of my other social media sites. It wasn’t a rude comment, but it was a comment that was made out of curiosity. With that being said, I have no qualms addressing it because I think it’s a good question actually.

I was asked why do I refer to myself as a Black woman if I had a Grandmother who was Native American and a Grandfather who could pass for White. I have two answers. One, if you were to see me in person, you would immediately see me as a Black woman. The only time I’m mistaken for another race or mistaken as “mixed” is when I have all of my hair straighten because it’s very long. I’m not amused by that whatsoever by the way. Two, I strongly feel that the larger part of me is Black which is why I refer to myself as a Black woman.

When people ask me how do I refer to myself, I generally will say that I’m of African American and Native American descent. Once I get my ancestry test back, I’ll be able to say which part of Africa my ancestors came from. So, by referring to myself as a Black woman, I’m in no way ashamed of my ancestry. I’m just simply acknowledging the larger part of me. If my Grandfather was still living, he’d tell you quick he was Black and that is where I’ll leave that at.

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