Good Evening wonderful people! I hope that all is well on your end. We are getting a lot closer to Friday and that I tell you is a beautiful thing.

Two days ago, I took a moment to reflect on my upcoming second novel. I couldn’t believe that with all my stress and worry, I was able to not only write my novel, but also edit it in time for my father to see it. You have no idea the amount of pressure I put on myself to get this done and I can’t help but to be humbled when I think about it. Heavy eyes and sleepless nights were a constant thing, but I’m glad to say not any more.

There were times when I had to force myself to write despite my heartbreak, despite my pain, despite my anxiety and despite my worry. I told myself that it had to be done and I wouldn’t accept any excuses, not even from myself. Excuses won’t get a person far in life and I’m not keen on giving excuses. If you say you’re going to do something, by all means try your very best to do it—even if you happen to make a few mistakes. 

Know this, it took me a while to get here, but I’m grateful and thankful for the journey. I’m thankful for the setbacks and I’m even thankful for the failures. Why? Because it has made me whole and in a few weeks, you’ll definitely see why. I don’t mind sharing my writing journey with you because I want you to see how some one who was once at the bottom eventually made it to the top. Mistakes not only humble you, but they prepare you for something much greater.

Take whatever setback you currently have and turn it into a come back. Instead of letting it break you, learn from it because in the end, it will make you whole.

Until next time…

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