The Mother Load

Hey! Hey! Hey! Whatchu doin’? I hope that things are going well on your end. I am feeling pretty awesome at the moment because I have only 10% of my book left to be edited and formatted!!! Oh yeah! 💪 Thank goodness! I am waiting for my book cover to be finished so I can share it with you. I refuse to share the title until the book cover is finalized because I want this cover to not only attract readers, but also speak to readers. I will go ahead and say this, it will be revealed next week. I just received word. Ahhhh Shucky Ducky now! Get ready and stay tuned.

On to another subject now because I am combining two posts into one, I was asked about my biggest natural hair struggle. For this woman, my hair’s thickness and growth is my biggest struggle. That is why I mainly keep it twisted up and under wraps. I hate fooling with it! KMSL! 😂 One, it takes forever to wash and detangle and two, it is heavy. Ever heard of the term “heavy hair?” It is real and it exists. Whenever I try to take a picture of my hair, it is hard for me to capture all my hair in a pic. As my Mom always say, “Nita’s hair grows like it’s on steroids.” That right there is the truth! For this writer and blogger, having long thick hair is both a blessing and a curse. The biggest thing on me is my hair. 

Until next time. See you next week for the revealing of my book title and cover. I’m sooooo excited. 

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