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I recently saw a documentary on Eartha Kitt while taking a break from editing and formatting my second novel. I found her story to be interesting, a little depressing, but also inspiring.

Eartha Kitt was born in the late 1920’s to a mother who was of Cherokee and African American descent. Her father, who she’s never known, was White. Eartha, unfortunately was a product of rape because her father was the son of the farmer her mother worked for. When her mother left to go live with a Black man she was dating, he refused to let Eartha come live with them because of her light colored skin. I could’ve screamed when I heard how her mother sent her to live with family members in New York City because the man she was dating refused to let Eartha stay with them. How sad.

While living in New York City, Eartha got into singing and dancing. In time, she would join the Katherine Dunham Company. The Katherine Dunham Company was a troupe of successful African American singers, dancers, musicians and actors. From there, Eartha would establish herself as a dynamic singer, actress, activist and performer. She was frequently called the most interesting person in the world not only because of her talents, but also because of her magnetic personality.

Eartha would go on to mention how it was hard for her to find true love because most of the men who pursued her didn’t really love her. A lot of them had what she referred to as a “fetish” for Black women, so she was very cautious towards the men in her circle because they were predominantly White. From her first and only marriage, she had one child, a daughter she named Kitt and they were extremely close and protective of one another.

What I liked the most about her documentary is how she overcame unfortunate circumstances and carved out a pretty good life for herself. She was very smart, inquisitive and she loved to read and write! Now I loved hearing that! Eartha was once asked how would she liked to be remembered. What was her response? “As someone who stayed on my own path and did not follow the herd.” Iconic. 

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  1. I wish that I could see the documentary…I have always been fascinated by Eartha Kitt and her independent spirit as well as her immense talent. I certainly enjoyed this post! So sorry to have been absent from commenting in recent weeks…I had a mild stroke on August 8….while we were in Colorado on vacation. Very scary and totally unexpected. There was just a very small blood clot and they found no other problems whatsoever! I have written a few posts and am just now cranking up my blog again! I have missed reading your posts and hearing from you!!

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    1. I’m so glad to hear that you are doing well. I missed your posts. I’m sure that had to be scary, but you are doing well now 🙏and that is truly a blessing! Can’t wait to read your new posts.


  2. Thank you for sharing. I have always loved Eartha Kurt. I never knew about her life. How sad that her mother picked a man over her own daughter. Inspiring how she rose from such beginnings to become the extremely talented woman she was.

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