Sure, Why Not

Good Evening! Hello! How are you doing? I hope that everyone is doing quite well. We are getting close to Friday so that should make you smile. Are you ready for another one of this writer’s off the wall posts? Of course you are! 1,2,3….Let’s go!


I was asked recently to do a blog post about the top five pet peeves of mine. It wasn’t hard for me to list my top five pet peeves, but as I started to think about them, I started to chuckle. Why? Because my pet peeves aren’t your typically pet peeves.  Yes, this writer is a bit odd, but aren’t we all in some small way? Stop shaking your head No because the answer to that question is YES and you know it!

BookingAnita’s Top Five Pet Peeves Are…

  1. People who walk around with dirty ears. I can’t stand seeing grown people with ear wax running out of their ears. It drives me insane because in my mind, they should not only see that but also feel it!
  2. People who pop their knuckles. Ugh, the sound of it literally makes me sick to my stomach. I hate everything about it. The sound itself and how people bend, fold and twist their fingers just to get them to pop! Lord Have Mercy…
  3. Cigarette smokers who try to cover up their scent with perfume or cologne. This right here nauseates me.
  4. People who smack and pop their gum right next to me, behind me or over the phone. Oh my goodness. I can’t take it. I don’t care who you are or where we are at. I will stop what I’m doing and ask you to please stop popping your gum, to spit it out or to come talk to me when you can hold a conversation without popping or smacking your gum in my ears. Sorry, not sorry.
  5. People who are nosy and fake. You know, people who want to know everybody’s business and be in everybody’s face so they can run and tell what they know while adding bits of lies to it. BookingAnita doesn’t get down with folks like that. I keep them at a distance. Yes, I will smile and briefly speak to fake / nosy people, but that’s about it. Don’t expect me to hold a long extended conversation with you if you are nosy and fake cause that ain’t happening!


 Alright folks, that’s enough.  I’ll be back here in about another week or so. I need to finish tweaking my second novel before I send it out for literary reviews and book reviews. Until next time…

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31 thoughts on “Sure, Why Not”

  1. I am so sensitive to scents. I hate when I get on the subway and someone has loaded on the perfume. Usually I get off and catch the next one.


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