James Marion Sims

James Marion Sims is credited as the “father of gynecology.” He developed a number of techniques that helped advance the field of gynecology and wellness in women. He’s praised for a lot of things in the field of medicine, but there’s a dark cloud that lingers over his accomplishments. Why? Continue reading and I’ll tell you below.

James Marion Sims used enslaved Black women to experiment his techniques on. He performed drastic surgeries and other medical procedures on these enslaved Black women without the use of some form of anesthesia or pain medicine. Why did he do this? Because he believed that Black women didn’t experience pain. Not only that, he believed that Black women didn’t have any feelings at all. Lord have mercy…

Nevermind the cries of these enslaved Black women during his surgeries, nevermind the countless number of infections they inherited from his procedures. Not only that, many were also left maimed and severely deformed. Can you guess how many of these enslaved Black women died as he made his advancements in the field of gynecology? Let me just say this, its A LOT!

Now I’ll acknowledge that he did help to advance the field of gynecology, but I won’t turn a blind eye on how he went about doing it. To those who love to refer to him as the “father of gynecology”, don’t forget the thousands of enslaved Black women who had to pay a terrible price for him to be dubbed that.

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