Hines Ward 

Hines Ward is a former NFL wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is of African American and Korean descent. I recently watched a documentary about him and after watching it, I felt compelled to blog about it. Hines admitted that when he was younger, he was ashamed of his mother because she is Korean and couldn’t speak English. For years he hid the fact that his mother is Korean and he would often duck, run or hide to keep his friends from seeing his mother.

Hines goes on to tell that his mother worked four low paying jobs in order to support them and put food on the table, but despite all that he was still ashamed of her. What was the pivotal turning point in his life that made him change? One day, after his mother dropped him off from school, he decided to look back at her as he ran away. Hines, with tears in his eyes, recalled how he saw her crying. He knew that she knew he was ashamed of her.

I can only imagine the hurt she must have felt all those years knowing that her son was ashamed of her. Hines stated that at that moment, he would never ever make his mother cry again or be ashamed of who he is. He began to take pride in who he is, his mother and her hard working ethic. Ashamed? Not any more.

Hines credits his mother for his success, drive and is quick to point out how grateful and thankful he is to have her as his mother. His father was never really apart of his life so he has nothing to do with him at all. He built his mother two large homes, sends her on frequent trips and takes care of her expenses. Even still, his mother chooses to work at a school cafeteria just to stay busy. His mother has such a sweet spirit and when you see her, you immediately just want to hug her.

I’m so glad that Hines Ward is no longer ashamed of his mother and has made peace with both his mother and himself. I love watching documentaries that end on a positive note. It always makes my day.

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