Positive Vibes Only 

Ugh, I really don’t like Mondays. As a matter of fact, I can’t stand Mondays. I’m already not a morning person and considering how Monday is not my favorite day of the week, I’m a little annoyed. Even with that being said, I’m grateful to be able to see another day. That in itself is a blessing. How could I not feel happy about that? Count your blessings people. Yes, it’s Monday but it’s not the worse thing in the world.

Face the world with a smile and positive thoughts. After all, it suits you! 😉

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30 thoughts on “Positive Vibes Only ”

  1. I try to start every day thinking about all the blessings I have. It is a great way to put yourself in a great mood. Mondays can be hard for me as well.


  2. I started my Monday out with a different attitude today. It has served me well. I had an incredible time watching the solar eclipse and I booked a daytime tv show slot today. GEEEKED!


  3. It is great to stay positive even on a Monday! I am trying to work my way through multiple blog posts that I’m working on. It sure would be easier if I had a personal helper, but I’m getting it done! Have a super week!

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  4. I actually like Monday a lot. It is a clean fresh start on the week and that makes me happy. I love what I do and Monday is a day to accomplish a lot in my office at home. Getting out of bed though is hard. Positive vibes only first thing Monday and much of the week. Was talking to my older daughter about this yesterday actually. The first thought you think every day should be positive. That’s hard when you just want to go back to bed immediately. LOL

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