All In My Feelings… 

My second novel has me all up in my feelings. It’s true when writers say they sometimes become emotionally invested in the stories they write. Especially if their stories are coming from a deep and personal place. There’s a lot that goes into writing a story. You’re not simply sitting at a desk and pecking at a keyboard or penning thought after thought on paper. You’re going through the emotions as if the person you’re writing about is in fact you. Your mind and emotions are here, there and everywhere. Ay Caramba!

With 25,000 more words to go, I’m highly anticipating finishing up my first draft. To me, typing it up is just the beginning and it’s something I always look forward to. In all honesty though, the editing and formatting is what I love the best. So, how’s that story of yours coming along? Have you started on it? Are you almost done? Better yet, are you done? Whatever stage or progress your current writing project is at, I’m sure the story you’re writing is absolutely amazing!

Until next time, I leave you with this spot on quote! 

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