I Can Relate 

I read an interesting article regarding the rise of fraud and identity theft. This is something that unfortunately is affecting millions of people each and every day. I can relate. I’ve had multiple accounts opened in my name and bills that came out of the wood works sent to me that I knew nothing about. Some purchases and items going back years! You hear me?!? Terrible, just terrible.

I made a recent decision that I was going to pay all those off this year because despite my disputes (for me), nothing really has changed. Just like the writer of this particular article, it was doing more harm than good. I’m grateful that I am able to pay all those disgusting fraudulent items off my credit by the end of this year, but it still upsets me that I have to spend MY money to pay off things I knew nothing about. How sad and unfair.

This writer is disgusted at the number of people who would rather steal someone else’s identity and money than go out and get a J.O.B. I’ve always said, “If it ain’t mine, I don’t want it. If I can’t afford it, then I don’t need it.” Protect yourself and those closest to you because these scammers are slick! They have no remorse, I can personally attest to it.

Alright folks, I’ll be posting back here in about another week or so. I gotta get my second novel written. I’m on a roll!

On a side note, I’ll still respond to your letters and emails. Until next time, be safe out there

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