I was reading Tina Turner’s autobiography entitled I, Tina and let me just say that its a story you’ll want to read. I couldn’t believe the amount of abuse she endured with the late Ike Turner. Tina is viewed by millions of people as a rock star, a power house and a fierce woman. However, there was a time when she was an abused and battered woman. She had worn a facade for years to hide the fact that she was in an abusive relationship. 

Tina tells of instances where Ike would beat her before and after shows. There were times when he would beat her if she didn’t sing a song the way he wanted her to sing it. I found it heartbreaking to read how if she didn’t say the right thing during an interview or stumbled during a performance that she knew she was “going to get it” when they got home. She felt like she had to walk on egg shells the whole time they were married because she was so terrified of him. Just sad… 

Millions of people were shocked to learn that a woman who looked like she had it all was living a pure nightmare outside of the glimmering lights of Hollywood. I’m just happy she was able to leave such a violent and volatile relationship before it was too late. Tina, in my opinion, is a survivor who refused to be a victim of her past. There was a movie made about her life entitled What’s Love Got To Do With It and from what I read, it was a powerful movie that was nominated for several Academy awards and numerous other awards. 

It’s so nice to see Tina Turner thriving and happy after suffering through so much. I’m also glad she was brave enough to tell her own story. I hope that other women and men who are in abusive relationships can find the strength to leave and not only that, carve out an amazing life for themselves. After all, they deserve much better. Rock on Tina! 

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  1. I’ve followed her career since my youth. I love how she triumphed, and got out from under him and their contracts. There is a good biopic movie about her experience. Can’t remember name, but watched on TV. Went on to own success!

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