Good Riddance 

Whoo! Those faux locs are gone! Outta here! Gone bye bye! Buh Bye! 

Let me tell you, I don’t miss ’em one bit! My scalp was about to suffocate! I thought I was going to pass out once I felt that cool air hit my scalp again KMSL! My hair has been showing out and growing like weeds again. Especially the front crown of my hair. That’s where its really wavy and no matter how much I trim it back or brush it back, it just keeps coming back. 

It’s nice seeing you again my lovely bouquet of tresses. The kinky, the wavy, the curly and the straight. Each one of you represents a part of my ancestry. Although there are times where I wished I had just ONE texture instead of four. It would make my life so much easier. Just being honest… 

Until next time…wear your hair how you wanna wear it. Just make sure you wear it proudly! 

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