Not Giving Up 

Yesterday was a nerve-wracking day for me. Why? Well, because I had to wait on pins and needles to hear if a new type of chemo and radiation treatment will work for my father. Never one to lose hope, I was in awe to see just how upbeat and positive my father was. Not only that, can you believe that he drove himself and my mother over 2 1/2 hours to his appointment?!? That may not seem like a big deal, but considering he’s battling advanced lung cancer and Parkinson’s disease that is AMAZING!!! 

When I tell you there is nothing my father can’t do, I seriously mean it. The cutest thing of all was how he surprised my mother on the way back by taking her out to dinner. He’s always done sweet simple things like that, but seeing how things are much different now it made it all the more sweeter. My family is quick to tell you, we don’t want any pity. Your kindness and genuine concern will do. Keep fighting Dad, because we’re fighting alongside with you. You are truly the strongest and most determined man I have ever known! ❤️

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