Be Smart About It 

Mannnnnnn, we made it to Friday! Pat yourself on the back for a job well done! 

First and foremost, I want to apologize for my late response to some of your messages. I’m going to make an effort to respond as soon as possible. I promise, I haven’t forgotten about you. Tonight, I’m going to respond to one message by posting my response on my blog as requested. Every now and then I’ll have a subscriber ask me to post my response on my blog. So with that being said, let’s get to it. Remember, anything I post on here is my own personal opinion. 

I was asked why I created the 60/40 rule and why I choose to live by it. Let me begin by saying that I didn’t create the 60/40 rule. There are different types of 60/40 rules that exists with a host of different meanings. The 60/40 rule I referred to on my blog has to do with my family’s take on it. Our 60/40 rule for my new subscribers and followers means that we give our line of work 60% of what we can really do. Granted, my 60% may be greater than your 60% or it may be less. The point is not to allow yourself to be burned out or overworked especially if you aren’t being compensated for it. 

If you are giving your line of work your full 100% or 110% and you are not being properly compensated for it, then you are giving away all your precious talent and energy for NUTHIN’. Millions of people are being overworked and under paid. That’s why I never give a 100% or 110% on any job right off the bat. I go in giving 60% and when I know I’m getting fairly compensated for the job I do, then my effort will be equal to that. Just being honest. 

Work smart and be smart about it. Don’t give ALL your talents towards something IF it’s not worth it or if you’re not properly compensated for it. I look at life this way, my reward will equal the amount of effort I will put into it. Now again, this is how I live and operate. That doesn’t mean you have to be the same way. This is what works for me and my family and I must say, we are a much happier bunch of people. Fussing about doing so much work for little to NUTHIN’ is NOT a regular conversation in my household. No Bueno! I know just how much effort to give and when to stop. 

Until next time you wonderful people! 

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