Alice Barker 

Alice Barker was a 103 year old African American Harlem Renaissance dancer who captured the heart of millions in 2015. What made her an instant internet sensation was her reaction to seeing old videos of herself dancing in “soundies” back in the day. She had never seen videos of herself dancing before and when she saw herself for the first time, the world fell in love with her priceless reaction. I loved how sassy and witty she was and of course, who can forget her saying: “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.”

Alice Barker was a beautiful woman as you will see in the photo below. She’s the third one from the left.  I can’t help but to smile when I look at Alice Barker and I’ll give you two reasons why. One, I loved her positive attitude and warm humble spirit. Two, she looks so much like my Paternal Great Aunt Lula who happens to be my late Paternal Grandmother’s baby sister. She is close to pushing 100 years old and my Aunt Lula is the most active 90 something year old I have ever met! 

If you want a smile to run across your face, click here to view this viral video. Your eyes may tear up a little, but I guarantee you your heart will be touched. 

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