Happy Sunday to you all! If you’re like me, you’re probably trying to get your head right for Monday. Mondays be having me like… 

Moving past all that (LOL), I was tasked to list any odd behaviors that I have. Truth be told, we all have some sort of odd behavior or two and I don’t mind sharing mine since I only have four. If you have more than four or less than four, no need to be ashamed. We’re human, we’re imperfect and contrary to what some folks may think, there are odd behaviors in ALL of us. Nobody’s perfect. 

Odd behaviors in 3, 2, 1…

1. When people sneeze or cough around me, I hold my breath for 10 seconds because I don’t want to inhale their cough or sneeze in LMBO! 😂 

2. If one of my fingernails break, I have to trim the rest of my nails to be the same length. I can’t stand seeing uneven nails on my hands. It irks the mess outta me. 

3. When I laugh really hard, I cry and I have to hit or bang on something whether it’s the table in front of me or my lap. I can’t sit still when I  laugh for some reason KMSL! 

4. Whenever I eat seafood at a restaurant, I have to smell every bite before I eat it ROTFLMBO! I had a bad case of food poisoning when I was younger. I had the unfortunate experience of eating old fish!  Hammercy! 

So, there you have it. Bookinganita is perfectly imperfect. 

Until next time… 

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