A Barefooted Bitty 

I love it when I’m walking barefoot out in the country. It takes me back to when we’d walk up and down the dirt roads my Grandparents lived on when I was younger. We’d be walking up and down those dirt roads for hours searching for honeysuckles and blackberries to eat. I can still remember the first time I walked barefooted out in the country. I was eight years old and it was painful because my feet was “tender” as my Grandma put it. It literally felt like I was walking on thick sharp egg shells! Those itty-bitty rocks weren’t very kind to me LOL! 

Growing up in South Carolina and Florida, we didn’t do much walking because there was nothing but paved roads. Down here in Opelika, Loachapoka, Salem and Eufaula there isn’t a shortage of dirt roads. If you know where to look, there also isn’t a shortage of blackberries and honeysuckles. In my my second novel, I talk a little bit about such pleasures as picking honeysuckles, blackberries, pecans, muscadines and even poke salad. Sweet, sweet memories! 

I can honestly say that there’s nothing like kicking back on a front porch with a tall glass of sweet iced tea after a long day of picking some of earth’s goodies. There’s honestly nothing like it! I’m one happy barefooted Bitty when I can get away from the city. 

Until next time… 

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