Words and Good Food 

It’s true you know? How they say sharing a good meal with those you love makes eating and life much more enjoyable. As I sit here reflecting on the laughs my family, friends and I shared over a good meal, it makes writing for me much more easier to come by. For some reason, and I’m not complaining, I always seem to write much better after I’ve cut up and got stuffed over a good meal I shared with my family and friends. Ha! I wish I had more writing days like this. 

Seeing how I grew up in Florida, South Carolina and Alabama (my father was in the military), our meals are a colorful combination of different cultures, good ole country cookin’ and my personal favorite, seafood! Moving past all that, what I love the most about our dinners are the sharing of stories. Yesssssss, this lady loves to hear all about the different stories my family, myself and friends often share around the table. Let me tell you, I learn something new every time we sit down together to eat. 

When I say that I never have to look far for inspiration, this is what I mean. That’s the beauty of writing. A good story can take shape or form from the simplest of things like sharing a good meal with your family and close friends. So what did you cook good today and what great stories did you hear or share? I made some sticky honey garlic shrimp with brown rice and garlic roasted veggies. As for my stories, you’ll have to wait a little on that. For what it’s worth, I can’t wait to share it with you. 

Until next time. 

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