Writing Memories 

I witnessed something when I went home this weekend that truly showed me how strong and resilient my father is. I’ll be completely honest with you, my eyes welled up with tears at the very sight of it. Yes, I’ll admit that my heart flooded with tears and I’ll tell you exactly why. 

This past Sunday morning, my parents were talking about cooking on the grill. Mind you, my father hadn’t been feeling too well lately seeing how he had a recent radiation treatment for his cancer. We (meaning my Mom and the rest of my family) had talked about getting some meat together to throw on the grill for my Dad. You see, he had been wanting some BBQ for a while now, but the weather hasn’t been too favorable. Any who, we had seasoned up a good bit of meat to go on the grill and had sat it in the fridge to marinate. What happened next took our breath away. 

While we were standing in the kitchen getting the rest of the food together, we heard a noise coming from outside. It sounded like something was being moved or dragged. When I went to the front door to see what it was, I was surprised to see that it was my Dad moving his favorite old grill (ancient ain’t the word LOL) to the front corner of the yard. When he saw us looking at him in total shock, that famous smile of his scrolled across his face. Before we could say anything to him my father stated that HE was going to BBQ. Man, I tell you, my father is the strongest and most determined man that I have ever known. 

These are what memories are made of and I can’t wait to share and write up more. More memories to come Dad, many more memories to come. 

Until next time… 

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