Oh My Goodness… 

I am probably the only writer / blogger you know that uses the word foolishness so frequently when describing outrageous acts or behaviors. What I am about to post is nothing less than PLUM foolishness. Here I go… 

I was watching part of a 48 Hours Mystery marathon this weekend when I caught the tail end of one of the episodes. A woman involved in the case was openly justifying her actions for sleeping around on her job because it boosted her career and gave her financial stability. Nevermind the fact that it destroyed her family. Nevermind the fact that her husband is in jail for several counts of  attempted murder. She was too busy foaming at the mouth about the perks, money and gifts she received throughout the years from these different men at her job. Can someone say Delusions of Grandeur??? 

I have worked at jobs and have been at jobs where this type of behavior took place and let me tell you, no matter how hard they try to keep this type of foolishness a secret, it always comes out. Here are my top 5 reasons why no female or male should ever engage in such foolishness… 

1. It damages your reputation. 
2. It can destroy your life and your family. 
3. People will lose respect for you and will no longer take you seriously. 
4. It can lead to violence or worse when the other person or persons finds out. 
5. You can contract STDs and / or other diseases. 

Let me say this: I do not care what kind of gifts, money or perks someone may offer you, it does not justify such shameful behavior. At the end of the day, none of those things can buy back any of the things listed above. Only a weak-minded, naive and / or insecure person would participate and gloat about such foolishness. You have to have enough love and respect for yourself and for your family to not stoop that low. In all seriousness, you owe it to yourself and to those who care about you.

Until next time peeps…keep writing and blogging! Write what you feel and write what moves you because you never know who you may educate and / or inspire. 

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