Rise Over Racism 

Not too long ago, I made a post entitled Does My Melanin Offend You. In that post, I discussed my own experiences with racism and prejudice. I was asked by a few readers if I would post about some of my past experiences with racism and / or prejudice in the workplace. Without going into too much detail, I will list a few of my experiences below. 

1. I was called the N-word. This was not said directly to me, but to other people who were so upset by it that they felt compelled to tell me. I think almost every Black person has experienced this either directly or indirectly. 

2. I have had coworkers go to a number of lengths to get me fired. Although I have never been fired, I did end up getting wrote up once for something I did not do because of a lie they told on me. 

3. I have had coworkers ignore me due to my race. It was later said that they had an issue with me, a Black woman, giving them directions or instructions. 

4. I was called a narrow nosed, nappy headed mutt due to my African and Native American ancestry. 

Racism and prejudice in my opinion is a mental disease. To dislike someone based on the color of their skin is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. Yet, I do not allow such negative feelings, opinions or views to rob me of my happiness or to affect my self esteem. At the end of the day, what “I” answer to is what really matters. 

Those people do not pay my bills nor do they have any say so regarding who am I and what I choose to do. I am sure it bothers them to see someone like me continue to smile and be happy regardless of the things they say or do. So if any of you are experiencing racism or prejudice due to your skin color, rise above it and keep being you. Stay positive and do not allow such hateful behavior to rob you of your inner peace and joy. 

Whether you are Black, White, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Asian, Biracial or a mixture of multiple races, be happy with who you are and never allow the negative opinions of others to dictate your happiness or your self worth. Rise above it and move on. 

One Love! 

Until next time… 

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5 thoughts on “Rise Over Racism ”

  1. I appreciated this post. I’ve experienced some of the same things in the workplace. Not to that extent but the microagressions were frequent. It’s important that we learn how to address those issues and stand up for ourselves confidently. The way that you combat ignorance is with facts and professionalism. Thanks for sharing!

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