Power to the Puff! 

Hey! What’s happening? How’s it going? I hope you are doing well on this Monday evening. I wasn’t too happy to see Monday this morning, but I’m much better now KMSL!  

I was asked to blog briefly (most of you already know how I feel when it comes to posting about things other than writing) about my favorite natural hair style and why. If you see my title, then you can probably guess I love to wear my hair in a puff. Why? Because I have a host of different hair textures and its a fast and easy style for me. As I stated before, I have straight, wavy, kinky and curly hair. With that being said, I have to wear styles that will blend all those textures together LOL! Not to mention that I can fold and wrap all of my hair up in this style so my hair doesn’t look so massive. 

OK, there you have it. I kept my promise and have posted a pic as requested. Now I can get back to posting more about writing. 

Until next time my fellow writers, authors, poets and bloggers! No matter what anyone says, YOU are awesome! Keep writing! 

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