Cancer Warrior 

The word cancer in itself is enough to strike fear in anyone’s heart. It’s a devastating diagnosis that can affect not only the individual, but those closest to them. Imagine watching someone you love battle cancer day in and day out. Let me tell you, it can be tough. At times, if not all of the time, you wish there was a way you could take all of their pain away, but unfortunately you can’t. Instead, you do all that you can to help them and care for them as much as possible. After all, that is what family and friends do. 

What amazes me the most (more than anything else) when it comes to cancer is how strong individuals with cancer are. Despite their condition, they bravely face each day with a spirit of positivity and a level of determination that is enough to garner boat loads of respect. I watch my own father who is battling cancer and he amazes me, my family and those around him every single day. When people come to encourage my father, they walk away encouraged themselves because of how strong, resilient and upbeat he is. Talk about being inspired in every way you can imagine. 

I have nothing but the deepest respect for those who are fighting cancer because they are the toughest people I know. I pray for all those affected by cancer and their loved ones who are sticking by them. May you too stay strong and continue to put up a hard fight. As the saying goes, “We are in this together” and together we can help fight against cancer. 

Sending Love and Hugs to you all…stay strong 💪. 

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