Stop It. 

This writer needs to vent a little so bear with me. You’re not going to believe this. 

I stumbled across an article recently where a group of non-Black women refused to believe that Black women can grow long hair. Are you serious? C’mon now, that’s just ignorant. Believe it or not, you have many Black women (including myself) whose hair can grow very long and is long. Some keep it under wraps, some choose to keep their hair short and some choose to wear weaves. All the pictures I’m going to post tonight are of Black women and their own natural hair. 

Just to prove a point, I’m going to stay away from cutting or trimming my hair until the first of January 2018. I’m going to keep my hair in protective styles like I always do and and when January comes, I’ll post a pic of it straighten. I just love to prove people wrong. I get this warm cozy feeling inside Lmbo! Seriously though, what it all boils down to is taking care of your hair and nurturing your scalp. Yes, it’s that simple. 

Black women can’t grow hair or long hair?!?! Please! Just you watch and see….

Until next time… 

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4 thoughts on “Stop It. ”

  1. You just touched on a subject I’ve always been happy for. Black women can do so many different things with their terrific hair. This middle eastern Irish halfbreed can do the same thing with what I got. I can wear my headful of scrawny”weeds” up, down, long, or short. But it still looks like a headful of weeds. Lololol.

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