Today was a special day for me. I had the wonderful opportunity to help send my oldest sister off to Hawaii to welcome her first grandchild when he’s born next month! Can you believe that? This writer is about to be a Great Auntie! I can still remember when my oldest sister brought my oldest niece home as a baby. I declared then that she would be my bright eyed baby and she still is, at the age of 25. Truth be told, all three of my nieces and nephew are and will always be my babies no matter how old they get! Family is everything to me and it is very important to me. They shaped me into the person that I am. So have fun my dearest sister Tabatha, I know you cannot wait to spoil that baby and to see your oldest baby. 

Aloha and I leʻaleʻa kāu! Ha! I learned that from one of my Samoan friends in Hawaii! 😉 

Until next time… 

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4 thoughts on “Aloha! ”

  1. How wonderful for your sister to be in Hawaii for her daughter and future grandchild! My two nephews and my niece are incredibly important to us! They are also very close to our daughter… that makes me so very happy. I am a great-aunt too! My nephews and niece have seven children between them! The oldest is twelve and the youngest is two. Six of them were in our daughter and son-in-laws wedding! So precious! The youngest was just an infant at the time so he just wasn’t “wedding procession ready”!!

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