Round Three: Questions for Me 

Hello and Good Evening! 

Happy Friday to you all! I hope that you had an amazing day. Mine was busy, but it was good. Tonight, I wanted to briefly answer a few more questions posed to me by you dear readers. I only have time to answer ten, but I promise to answer the rest soon. Some of your questions are hilarious and a bit interesting. Nevertheless, I do not mind answering them since they are not intrusive. So with that being said, let’s get to it. 

1. Name three things you are good at. Writing, cooking and making people feel good about themselves. 

2. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I would like to be a little bigger. I’ve been called tiny or “Bit” for as long as I can remember because I’m considered the runt in my family due to my small frame. 

3. What was your favorite toy growing up? My Nina Hunny doll. 

4. When you are having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better? I stop, pray and meditate on the good things in my life. 

5. What’s the one food you could never bring yourself to eat? Chitterlings. No way! Nope! Not gonna do it! Get gone! 

6. What trait do you like the least about yourself? My brutal honesty. I can be too blunt at times. 

7. What’s the best piece of of advice you were given? Not to trust everyone because not everyone has your best interests at heart. 

8. What’s the worst thing you did as a kid? I made my younger brother eat snuff. 

9. Using one word, describe your family. Tough. 

10. Name two of your pet peeves? People who smack their gum and people who chew with their mouth open. 

There you have it! Until next time, be safe and take care!!! 

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