It’s Time For Another Short Story Rhyme!

I think it’s time for another short story rhyme so without further ado, here’s Leeotis!


His name was Leeotis.

He was an unfortunate pop-eyed fool.

Everywhere Leeotis went, he had a no holds barred attitude.

He liked to drink hard liquor and he loved to dip hard snuff.

When it came to lose tailed women, Leeotis just couldn’t get enough.

He was always such a handful and he was stubborn as all get out.

When Leeotis couldn’t get his way, he was known to sulk and pout.

Nobody really liked him; he was often seen as a pest.

Runnin’ his mouth and lyin’ was what Leeotis seemed to do best.

With a walking stick in one hand and a bottle of booze in the other.

When folks ‘round town saw him comin’, they’d run and duck for cover.

Leeotis was not all bad; there were a few good parts in him too.

If you ever needed a helping hand, Leeotis would be there for you.

He was tall, slim and good lookin’, yet his looks didn’t get him very far.

It’s hard to believe how such a dapper lookin’ man could be seen as so bizarre.

Leeotis was an odd man, he was unlike any other.

He was sorta like his dilapidated home; disheveled and full of clutter.

Despite his boorish ways, we do share the same skin.

If you haven’t caught onto my drift, that means that he’s my kin.


Until next time…

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