Fry Bandit! 

Good evening and what a good day it has been! I hope that all of you had a fantastic day! Remember, a positive mind leads to positive vibes so having a good day largely depends on you. With all that being said, let’s laugh a little. 

So, earlier today I saw a post about a woman who gets annoyed when she sees some of her kinfolk eating some of her fries when they order fast food through the drive thru. I could not help but to bust out laughing because I do the same thing except I’m slick with mine LMBO! KMSL! I always get so tickled when I start to pass out their fries because they don’t know I picked off a few fries myself LOL! I confess, I’m a fry bandit! GUILTY AS CHARGED! Sometimes I crack myself up! 

I know there are some of you who do this too! LOL!! Gone on and admit it… 

Until next time… 

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