From time to time, I like to talk about my family and their ranges of personalities. Tonight, I will briefly talk about my late Paternal Grandmother Annie. She was a spit fire with a stunning pair of eyes and she had a head full of thick jet black hair. I could remember hearing stories from my father on how she would part her hair down the middle and braid it into two large plaits. The reason why she did that was because of the weight of her hair. It was extremely thick and very long.

Grandma Lee is what I called her and she had the most beautiful smile. I loved it when we travel from Florida to come and visit her because she would always give each of us a few dollars she tightly rolled up along with an apple and an orange. At the time, I thought that was one of the best gifts and I still do. Just like my Grandma Lee, I too have a lot of hair that I keep under wraps. My hair just happens to be “sandy brown” with a host of different textures whereas hers was straight with a few waves scattered here and there. 

I love each and every one of my kin deeply and I have nothing but the utmost respect for those who came before me. My Grandparents, like so many others, suffered unspeakable things so that I, their descendant can have better. When I take into account all of that, I cannot help but to be motivated and determined to do better. 

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