The Insecurity Is Real! 

I have another relatable post. Are you ready? I hope you are because it is about to get REAL on this blog post! 

I find it incredibly sad when people who are unsure of themselves try to find fault with what you are doing. If you show them what they are doing wrong, they get offended. If you tell them or try to show them the right way of doing things, they get offended or upset. Not only that, because of their insecurity they do everything they can to try and make you look bad or try to make you out to be the “bad guy” or “bad girl.” Pure, unadulterated foolishness! 

I find it almost laughable the depths some people will go to hide their insecurities. They will lie, blow things out of proportion and will even try to play the victim. LMBO! I honestly never worry about people like that because nine times out of ten, they are stuck in life and do not have the capacity or the capabilities to move on to better things in life. Sometimes I think that is why they do the things they do because they know you or I could easily move on to something better whereas they themselves cannot. 

I see no need to try and tear down someone who may be doing something better than I can. More power to them. You cannot get upset if someone does something better than you. Yet, this is something I often have to go through. Why get upset with me because I am thorough and good at what I do? The insecurity I tell you is real! I will go a little further and say it is an epidemic! Now I will admit, I have a huge positive spirit, but I am also a force to be reckoned with. I can get along with just about anyone, but there are limits. I will not stand for or take anyone’s disrespect because they are insecure about themselves and what they do. 

If any of you are also currently going through this as well, keep your head up and stay strong. You have so many good things coming to you. Insecure people who feel the need to undermine or tear down others will always be at a stand still in life until they change. As you continue to move on to bigger and better things, do not lose any sleep or pay those people any mind. Put them in their proper place and keep it moving. What is meant for you will be meant for you. Never lose that positive spirit. Trust me, it will take you so much further in life. 

Until next time, flash that amazing smile of yours. It just might make someone’s day! 

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