Family, Food, Love and Fun

Those four things go together so well don’t they? I myself tend to think so. When I’m not writing, I love cooking dinner for my family and friends because we always have such a blast! Echoes of laughter fills the air as the aroma from the food overtakes the room. I get so tickled at how they love to pinch and sample some of the things I’m preparing. There are times when they think they are being slick doing it, but I always see them. I just never say anything LOL. 

I always try to cook fresh wholesome meals because they taste so much better. Now there are times when I fall short doing that because we like to splurge on fatty foods every now and then. For the most part, I generally stay on track even though it can be hard at times. Today I made an Asian inspired dish with fresh ginger, mushrooms, garlic, asparagus, green onions, soy sauce, lemon juice and jumbo shrimp. As a side, I boiled up some brown rice. I had to hurry up and snap a few pictures because everyone was having a fit to eat! We are greedy like that when it comes to food. Don’t judge LOL. 

And of course, what is dinner without dessert? One of my favorite desserts to make is our version of an Apple Dunk pie. Basically, its a rushed apple pie made with a lot of crust which is the best part of a pie to me. The butter crust is just thrown on there any kind of way and then baked. Sloppy? Yes, but its really good. Some like it plain, some like to add vanilla ice cream on top whereas others like to add a dollop of whipped cream. Either way is good with me as long as I get some. In my family, we don’t wait until the pie is cool. We dig it out while it’s piping hot. Mmm Mmm Mmm! Don’t forget to blow on it or else you’ll scorch your tongue! 

On this beautiful Sunday, I hope that you too are enjoying a great meal with your family and / or friends. Not only that, I hope that you have tons of laughter filling the air. I’m sure the meal you prepared and cooked was absolutely delicious! May your bellies get full. Bon Apetit! 

Until next time… 

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