The Beauty of Diversity 

I absolutely, positively love diversity. It is a beautiful thing and a lovely sight to behold. I love the fact that I have a colorful variety of friends from different racial backgrounds and cultures. To me, it makes life more rich! When we were living all across the state of Florida (my father was in the Navy), I had a lush variety of Hispanic friends. I started learning Spanish at an early age because the parents of all my Hispanic friends refused to speak English when I was around. They could speak English very well, but that was their way of immersing me into their culture and making me apart of their family. That is why I have so many Spanish and Latin nicknames and I love it!!! 

The odd looks my friends and I get everytime we go out for lunch or dinner is priceless. I guess there are still a lot of people who are shocked to see Africans, African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, Jews, Indians, Caucasians, Italians and Asians all laughing and having a good time together. The cultural ambiance and thick accents must make some people weary and a bit confused. Yet, we are all comfortable amongst each other and see each other as more than friends; more like family. 

Yes, my round table of friends includes a variety of genetically different faces and racial backgrounds, but you know what? I would not have it any other way. Diversity is one of the best cultural experiences in the world, yet there are millions of people who have no clue on how to experience it or how to make the best of it. Diversity adds color to the world and it enlightens you in ways you would not expect. Sitting at a table full of people who look the same or talk the same is BLEH and BORING! *YAWNS PROFUSELY*

Ah, put me at a table with a group of vibrant, honest people who come in a range of colors and hail from a variety of different backgrounds. Now that is a table I prefer to sit at and chit chat. 

Until next time… 

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