Deep Thoughts 

I am a deep thinker. Always have been. My line of thinking goes far beyond the surface of a subject or topic because I feel there is always more to discuss. A simple yes or no is never good enough. With me, I have to dig deeper. 

I cannot tell you how many times I have been out with some of my friends and family when all of a sudden a group of “strangers” joined in on my conversation. I can always tell when it is about to happen because I will notice the constant turning of their heads first, the look of curiosity in their faces second and last but not least, a warm friendly smile. After the smile always comes,” I could not help but to…” and before you know it, their table has joined with ours LOL. 

There have been times where I, my family and close friends would sit for hours having conversations with people we just met. Our conversations are never about the latest fashion craze or gadget, not that there is anything wrong with that. We just prefer to talk about the deeper things in life like world hunger, the increase of certain diseases or illnesses and child violence just to name a few. Before the conversation is over, the other “party” would always look over at me and say, “I could sit here and talk with you for hours” and I am sure they could. 

I enjoy being able to strike up meaningful conversations with other people whenever I can and leaving them with something to think about. My family and close friends will tell you in a heart beat, “Don’t expect to have a five minute conversation with Anita over lunch or dinner. She has a way of turning those five minutes into an interesting five hour conversation.” LOL. As my beloved cousin would say, “Chats with Anita is like eating a Lay’s potato chip, you can’t have just one!” What can I say? I like to get people to think. Use it or lose it folks! 

Until next time…. 

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