A few weeks ago, I saw a documentary on Black women and natural hair. As I watched this particular documentary unfold, there was one part of me that felt proud, but then there was the other part of me that felt a little disturbed. I was happy to see more Black women embracing their own natural hair, but I was bothered by the sheer number of Black women who referred to Black natural hair as ugly and “nappy.” 

Here is the deal, regardless of your hair type or texture, if you do not take care of it your hair will get “nappy” or shall I say tangled. Often times the word “nappy” is referred to Black or African textured hair when in fact, “nappy” hair can occur in all races and ethnic groups. I could not help but to shake my head as I saw some Black women refer to their own natural hair or Black women with natural hair as ugly. It was bad enough that they called it “nappy.” SMH… 

There was one group of Black women who proudly stated they would “rock a weave” before they would rock their own natural hair. Oh. My. Goodness. I do not believe they realized just how absurb they sounded when they made such a statement. So you mean to tell me that you would spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to wear synthetic hair or someone else’s hair before you would wear your own?! Please go sit down and face the wall. Right now! Do not come out until I tell you to. Maybe next time you will learn not to say such a self-hating thing. 

I for one have natural hair as I discussed previously on my blog, and I love every multi texture that is scattered across my head. If you choose to wear your hair relaxed or natural, the choice is yours. I am quite sure you are beautiful either way. Just love your hair, take care of it and nurture it because your hair is a beautiful extension of you. Black or African textured is not ugly or “nappy.” It is different, but it is far from being ugly or “nappy.” 

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6 thoughts on “Nappy?! ”

  1. I am a white chick who frequents the black hair care websites and some of the products, even. I have curly hair that is similar to the loopy-Black-hair. When I used to get my hair cut, I aimed for the black gals who knew what to do with curly hair!
    I remember hating my hair when it switched from fine, straight-ish, blonde child hair to ringlets of brown adult hair. It took me years to come to terms with what happened to it, and to learn how to deal with it. (A black girlfriend took pity on me and showed me how she cared for her hair, and it made all the difference!)
    Society has done some serious brainwashing on all of us… And its only when we put our foot down and refuse to be lead down the garden path, that things will change!

    Love me; love my locks! 😀

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  2. I didn’t finish writing and my phone posted but I wanted to finish by saying this issue will be around for many years to come and pray that one day all black women will grow to love their hair no matter the texture

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    1. Thank you for your comment and I agree, self love and self appreciation starts with oneself. To dislike something that is apart of you is tragic and sad. I believe that we are naturally beautiful and that we should be proud of who we are individually. Thank you again for your comment. Good post 🙏❤️

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      1. You’re welcome! I get where you are coming from, I think it come from all the brainwashing going on. We dislike ourselves but don’t know why. Hope the next generation choose differently. Chat soon 🤗

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  3. Great post! I don’t understand some black women and how they do not like what’s part of them, they wonder why everyone else rejects them. When I understood that until i love my hair fully I cannot be mad at anyone who choose to dislike my hair is when I successfully transitioned it’s been 2 years since I went natural and truthfully natural hair is hard work but at the same time I all types of hair require some type of investment somehow anyways. I remember always saying to myself if Brazilians never invested and took care of their hair there will be no weaves so I have to take care of mine too to have any hair lol. Don’t want to write an essay here but ths issue will be around for many years to come hope we all grow to love the part of u

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