I Hear You Knocking… 

Good Evening awesome writers, stellar bloggers and wonderful readers! Give yourself a pat on the back for making it through another Monday. Whoop! Whoop! Any whoooooo….I’m coming to you tonight with a post that I find to be very humorous, although at times my dear family and friends think otherwise. This is something I rarely have to do, so let’s see if any of you can relate. C’mon, every now and then I have to throw a humorous post in. 

You see, I’m the type of person who likes for people to call before they come. Why? Because I’m always on the road or traveling in and out of town. To be honest, I seem to always be on the move since there are so many things I have to take care of and do. When people let me know that they’re coming, I can plan for it, but if they happen to show up without calling, well….let’s just say I hate it for ’em. 

Every now and then I have to teach a few of them a lesson about showing up without calling. LOL! If you ever show up to my house unannounced and I’m beat down tired, you’ll be left outside knocking. I ain’t lying.  I’ll hear you knocking, but you can’t come in when I’m too tired for company. I’ll sit there with my legs crossed, stretched out on my couch with the television on low playing. I’m for real, I won’t get up or move.

KMSL! Listen, it gets hard sometimes when you are rippin’ and runnin’ as my Grandma used to say. There are some days when you just want to be left alone with nothing but yourself and your thoughts. Everyone deserves a little peace and quiet and a little “Me” time. Otherwise, you’ll go crazy Hahaha. 

Alright folks, enough of that. Until next time… 

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6 thoughts on “I Hear You Knocking… ”

  1. I just found this post and let me say, the “me time” that you’re talking about, I can relate to. Sometimes friends spring plans on me, before I’ve had awhile to think about it, and I say no almost every time.

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  2. Great post , this was me this last weekend gone. Phone off for 72 hours just me and myself. It was so great I didn’t even speak for 2 days straight just pure silence. Totally can relate 😍😍

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  3. I can SO relate!! Years ago I was on a travelling street theatre troupe, and when we were back at our home base for a weekend I would literally stay in my PJs, so that if someone came by without calling first, I could just tell them through the door that I wasn’t dressed. Even now, when I’m writing, if the doorbell rings and I don’t have an appointment coming, I will ignore it… and why else is there caller-ID on our phones nowadays, but for screening out sales calls et al… 😉 I’m not anti-social – I just prefer having a choice.

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