As an up and coming writer, I love using my blog as a platform to discuss matters of importance. I am connecting with more readers and bloggers because of it. Discussing topics without any substance would be a waste of my time…

Tonight, I am going to talk briefly about one of my pet peeves, negativity. I absolutely, positively do not care to be around negative people. Negative people will drain you or sap the happiness out of you, that is if you let them. There is no sense in being negative, yet some feel content on spreading their negativity onto others. It is true that who you surround yourself with will have an impact on who you are as a person so be careful. 

I for one will not sit, eat or carry on an extended conversation with a negative or deceitful person. I am not able to do that. I will however give a brief greeting (Hello how are you?) and keep it moving. You catch more flies with sugar than you do with water. I have had my share of negative people who tried to get close to me, but I never give them a chance to do so. I know how to keep negative people at a distance. 

I must admit, I do feel sorry for negative people because they do not realize that the biggest hindrance to their own happiness is themselves. Sure, they may get a little kick out of hurting people or trying to hurt other people, but in the end, they are really hurting themselves. It is easy to want to retaliate or seek revenge, but do not stoop to their level by doing such a thing. You just keep being the positive person that you are because in the end, it will work itself out. It always does. 

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