Ha! Good Morning!! 

Ughhh, it’s Monday, but I’m thankful to see another day. Seeing how it’s Monday morning I thought I’d give my readers a good chuckle this morning. 

I came across a picture on my Instagram feed that made me holler in laughter. I found it funny because it was something that me and my kinfolk would sometimes talk about. Whenever we would see this certain item in the store, we’d look at each other and say, “You’ll never catch me picking cotton. I’ll eat it with a fork before I’d pick it.” LOL. You are probably wondering, “BookingAnita what are you talking about?” Wonder no more… 

Hey, it’s okay to laugh. When I saw this post and read the comments, everybody was dying laughing. Good to see I’m not the only one. I promise you, if I liked cotton candy I would eat it with a fork before I’d pick it out the bag and eat it. Kmsl! Lmbo! Lol… 

Alright, that’s enough. Now gone on and finish getting ready for work. 

Until next time…

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