Monsters Inside Of You 

​Eating raw fish seems to be a popular thing nowadays. Most of my family and friends love it, particularly in the form of sushi. Don’t get me wrong, this writer likes her fair share of sushi, COOKED sushi that is. I never understood how some people could eat raw fish. Seems to me it would taste….FISHY. 

Have you seen on Wicked Tuna how some of the fisherman would skin a piece of fish and eat it not too long after it came out the water?! Lawd hammercy! Every time I see that I get sick to my stomach. The fish ain’t even dead all the way and they are already eating on it. Pff!  In some restaurants, eating “fresh” or partially alive fish (the mouth is still moving when it’s placed on the table) is a delicacy. Now they know better than that! Hmmph! 

I’ve seen way too many people on the show Monsters Inside of Me infested with worms because they ate some raw fish or sushi!!! If you ask me, the only two things that should be eaten raw are fruits and veggies. You will never catch me eating raw meat. 

When it comes to meat, you have got to apply heat. If that meat ain’t done, then I don’t want none. If it’s caught on a hook, it better be fully cooked. 

C’mon, now you know I had to end with a rhyme. It’s what I do. Bon Appétit! 

Until next time… 

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4 thoughts on “Monsters Inside Of You ”

  1. I love 🍣, (sushi)especially when its done right. The only fish that I truly mess with is grilled Salmon. I have had ahi tuna before, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t amazing either. Those tapeworms can get real disgusting if you search on YouTube. Lol. Great blog post.

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