Can You Relate? 

​Alright, what I am about to post may sound silly, but I am soooooo serious. Don’t you dare judge me! Lol…

You see, when I write, I have to write with a  Sharpie ultra fine tip marker. Not just any old pen will do. I have to write with a Sharpie ultra fine tip marker because it makes my writing go so much smoother. Not to mention that when I’m writing in a hurry, it makes my handwriting look great! I started writing with these markers back in high school and I loved how smooth my writing went when I wrote with it. I know it’s a marker, but to me, it’s an incredible pen! They may call it marker, you may even call it a marker, but in my mind it’s a pen. 

The other day I was intending to pick up a pack of these Sharpies when I noticed there was only one pack left at a store. Imagine the excitement I felt once I laid my eyes on them. Imagine my disappointment when someone else came along and picked them up before I could get to it! Talk about a BIG let down. All I could do was stand there and watch because they beat me to it fair and square. 

It was a good thing I was able to find another store that sold them or else I would have really been upset. There is a running joke about not messing with writers and their coffee. Forget the coffee. You better not mess with my pen (marker)!!! 


Until next time… 

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