Pop Eyed 

​Me and my two older sisters were reminiscing over childhood memories not too long ago when my oldest sister brought something to our attention about our Mom. She pointed out something our Mom often says when she wants us to get something or do something. You see, our Mom has a particular way of getting your attention just by the words she say. Whenever any of my friends or associates meet her for the first time, they quickly fall in love with her because she is so funny to listen to and watch. 

You are probably wondering where I am going with this post. Wonder no more because I am about to tell you. My oldest sister brought to our attention how often our Mom uses the word “Pop Eyed.” Growing up, I never gave it too much thought, but as a child I did used to wonder why everything was “Pop Eyed.” KMSL! Every day that word is used by our Mom in some form or fashion. Get ready for a good chuckle because I am going to list the TOP TEN “Pop Eyed” phrases our Mom still uses to this day LOL. Lawdddddd Hammercy… 

“Bring me that Pop Eyed remote.”

“Go shut that Pop Eyed door!”

“Did I tell you you could go in that Pop Eyed freezer?”

“Go fix me a Pop Eyed drink.”

“Shut your Pop Eyed mouth!”

“Tell your Pop Eyed cousin to bring me a Coke and some peanuts back from the store.”

“Turn that Pop Eyed music down!”

“Shut that Pop Eyed TV off!”

“Have you lost your Pop Eyed mind?!” 

“Stop making all that Pop Eyed noise!”

And yet there is so much more… 

Now, we just laugh whenever she says it. Of course every time we do she is quick to ask, “What’s so Pop Eyed funny?!” Hahaha! I just LOVE our Mama! 

Until next time…

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5 thoughts on “Pop Eyed ”

  1. We had:
    Larapin (tasty)
    Pogey-bait (junk food)
    Hoot (good)
    Cattywompus (off-kilter)
    druthers (preferences)
    lick (amount)

    Its so entertaining to hear ourselves speak in our ancestors’ words, isn’t it? LOL!

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