It Is Just That Simple 

​Millions of people walk around every day overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed. I think we can all agree that those are not very good feelings. Life is not all that enjoyable if you are experiencing one or all of those negative emotions. Let us not forget how those not so pleasant emotions can negatively impact our well being. 

I personally do not allow unnecessary things to stress me out because I am not afraid to say NO. I have encountered so many people over the years who are overwhelmed and bogged down because they have allowed themselves to become a dumping ground for unnecessary stresses. Some have become victims to their own YESES. You know, those people who feel they have to say YES to everything… 

Sadly, some people think because they have a few dollars thrown at them or earn a certain dollar amount that those “stressses” make it OK. Nah, not really. There is no amount of money in the world that would make me say YES to an unnecessary stress. Not gonna happen. Sorry, not sorry. 

I have learned and seen through out my years that there is no shame in saying the word NO. Now, saying YES to all the things that make you happy, well that I tell you is a beautiful thing.   

Until next time… 

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