Clumsy Writer 

​I have a very bad habit of not paying attention to how I grab and pick up things. I am forever knocking off finger nails or splitting my finger nails right down to the meat!!! It never fails! I cannot tell you how many times I have knocked off my two thumb nails. I am still amazed that they grew back. 

Not too long ago, I was looking for my handy dandy writing notebook when all of a sudden I felt a stinging pain in my right hand. You know what I messed around and did? I  grabbed the box I was looking in too fast and ended up splitting my nail right down to the meat. 

Can someone say OUCH! 

Who would be clumsy enough to do a thing like that?! *Sigh*….yours truly. That’s who. I have got to learn how to slow down and be more careful before I really end up hurting myself. 

Happy writing to all the writers out there and be careful!  

Until next time… 

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