Winter Sorrows 

​It is thirty degrees outside and it is bone shattering cold. When the wind blows, it feels as if it is blowing straight through to your soul. The sun is out shinning, yet there is frost on the ground and black ice over the roads. 

As I sit here all warm and cozy in my home, I cannot help but to feel a little uneasy when I think of all the other people who are without heat and a warm place to sleep. To sit and contemplate about the number of people struggling to keep warm is almost too much for my heart to bear. If I dwell too much on it, I will eventually get depressed. 

At the moment, I am already calculating in my head the number of heaters and blankets I am about to donate. I know that I will not be able to give heaters and blankets to all those in need, but at least I can have a little solace in knowing that I have helped some. 

As this winter continues to rage ahead, all I can do is give what I can, hope for the best and pray for those who are fighting to survive and to stay alive this winter. May they find some sort of peace and comfort. 

Until next time…. 

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