Embrace What Makes You Unique 

​A few days ago, I had a young girl tell me that she was mocked because she had a low forehead. This sweet spirited child was beginning to dislike her own facial features and bone structure due to the amount of mocking she had received. I personally know what she is going through because yours truly was mocked for having a low forehead too. I was told that I had no forehead for years and that my low forehead made me look funny. I was in my late teens before I started to embrace my “odd” side profile and I for sure did not want this little girl to wait that long to love every aspect of herself. 

The wonderful point I made to that adorable little girl is that we are all different and that beauty can be found in the most unusual features. You should have seen the smile that rolled across her face when I told her that I myself was born with a low forehead and that low foreheads and “odd” features are AMAZING! If you ask me, looking different and being different is one of the best feelings in the world and there is nothing anyone can say to make me think differently. 

Some people have high foreheads, some have low or flat foreheads. Some people have broad noses, some have narrow noses. Some people have thin lips, some have full lips. Whatever your features consist of, love it and I mean all of it. Appreciate your features and embrace all the things that make you unique. 

I promised that little girl that I would make a post about our conversation and here it is. In case you did not know, low and flat foreheads are just as beautiful as all the rest. Our side profiles may make us look “odd” to some, but that does not mean we are less beautiful. 

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