I Ain’t Able…

Just the other day, a few of my close friends and I were discussing how hard it is to find genuine and honest people. It blows me away how some individuals can live day to day being treacherous, conniving and for the lack of a better word, shady. I don’t get down like that and I ain’t able to sit and break bread with those types of folk. One trait of mine, and I really do believe that this is a trait I get from my parents and grandparents, is the ability to read people. I can spot a shady person a mile away despite their best efforts to hide their “true” selves.  I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside any time I come across a phony person who thinks they have me fooled. It is one of the best feelings in the world!


I have never been the type of person to get wrapped up in foolishness or mess because I don’t allow a lot of people in my inner circle. I ain’t able to deal with such tomfoolery because frankly, life is way too short. I ain’t able to sit and chit chat with people who are big on tearing down other people. I ain’t able to be around those who try to “hide” what they really are. I ain’t able to be in close quarters with those who plot and scheme against other people. Do you wanna know why I ain’t able to deal with that type of negativity? It’s because I am all about that positivity. Now that I can deal with…

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