This Would Happen To Me

Embarrassment. We have all experienced this not so pleasant feeling have we not? We can all attest that embarrassment and shame is not something we are itching to experience any time soon.  To be honest, this is something most of us (if not all) would rather do without. I for one do not get embarrassed easily, but a couple of days ago I did. This is what happened…

A few days ago, I decided to stop and pick up a few writing supplies before heading home from work. I was already tired because I had been up late writing the night before. I had it in my mind that I was going to run in, get what I needed and head on home. Since I have a fast gait (something my family and friends tease me about) it did not take me long to get what I came for. By the time I made it to a self checkout register, it was open and available so I was able to quickly scan my things so I could go. A few seconds later, three other people came up behind me to check out. After I scanned my last item, I pulled out and swiped my debit card like I normally do. From there, that is when things took a slight turn.

As I am waiting for this machine to process my transaction, the machine all of a sudden starts to beep. The first thing that popped into my mind was that my card was about to be declined. I kept saying to myself, “Lawd Hammercy! This would happen to me! Don’t do it! Please don’t do it!


I could feel the shame welling up inside of me even though I knew I had money in my account. Still, I was a little embarrassed because the machine kept beeping and my transaction was waiting to be approved. As I started to look around, I noticed that the people behind me were beginning to wonder if or when my transaction would go through.


One man felt sorry for me and was about to walk up and pay for my things. It was a good thing my transaction went through because I was not going to let him pay for my items. Blame my pride, not me.

As I picked up my things, I looked back at the people in line standing behind me and apologized for the wait. A few jokes were cracked and smiles were exchanged as my BIG boisterous laugh filled the air. All was well now despite my moment of shame and now a few days later I am sitting at my computer telling you about it. Life is funny is it not? Sometimes it can play a crude joke on you. How you deal with an embarrassing situation largely depends on you. Embarrassment and shame sucks, but after that moment passes, life as YOU know it quickly resumes.


Until next time…

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