Minnie’s Rhyme

Good Evening and Happy Friday Eve! I wanted to do something different tonight by posting a little poetry since it has been a while. I am what you would call a rhyming poet; you probably figured that out by now if you have been following my blog for some time. I come from a family that shares a knack for humor, quaint sayings and hilarious rhymes. One of the things I think most families have in common are nicknames or pet names for one another. I have a number of them and so does the rest of my family. My maternal Grandmother Minnie has a nickname and rhyme for every one of her Grandchildren and I wanted to share one of hers tonight. You know, I have to keep my blog interesting.

Grab a smile and take a gander below at one of the rhymes my Grandmother Minnie has for me, yours truly. Only in my family are we able to have a rhyme of endearment and dislike for one another while keep it fun, loving and humorous. This is one of her “nice” ones hahaha!


Until next time…

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