Helping To Fight Against Cancer

Let me first start off by saying that this is the most difficult blog post for me to make this year. As I sit here pecking away at my keyboard, I cannot help but to become a little emotional because the strongest man I know, my father, is battling lung cancer. My father is not only the strongest man I know, but he is also the bravest man I know because he has survived things the average human would not stand a chance of surviving. My father has two nicknames that has been given to him by his family and friends and that is Sampson and Superman. This is a man who survived a number of military wars, this is a man who has battle scars that would horrify most, this is a man who is still walking around with bullet fragments in his head and body because many attempts have been made on his life. Yet, through it all, my father is still here.  At the first sight of him, many would think he is a mean man, but like most individuals who meet him for the first time and talk to him, they become drawn to him. I have seen strangers strike up a conversation with my father and would be there for hours talking to him. I guess one could say my father has a magnetic personality.

Since being diagnosed with lung cancer a few weeks ago, I have seen my father go into survival mode and we as his family have been there right by his side. Two days after his surgery, my father was walking around cracking jokes with the doctors, nurses and some of the nursing students who came to his room. A few of the nursing students became attached to my father because he is just that type of man. As one of the nurses stated, “You cannot help but to love him.” It has been two weeks since my father’s surgery and he is walking around like nothing ever happened. As I watched my father yesterday during our family fish fry, I could not help but to be amazed at his strength and optimism. We are holding out hope and relying on our faith that my father will be just fine. We are not a family that gives up during severe trials and unbearable adversities. We are a family that supports one another no matter what and my father knows that we will ALWAYS be by his side.


As we gear up to help fight this cancer with my father, like with any hardship that has come our way, we are not going down without a fight. I have always been an avid supporter for ALL cancer cures and I for sure do not see a reason to stop now. To my AMAZING father, I am so honored to be able to call you MY DAD. We as your family cannot wait to make more memories with you in the years to come. Keep fighting because we are fighting there with you! WE GOT YOUR BACK!


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